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at first! <3

The shader works great on objects with their default alpha levels, but adjustments to image_alpha appear to be ignored. Can this be solved? I'm trying to fade out an object while it's color shifting.

I have updated the asset, should be fixed now!

Works great! Thank you!

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Excuse me, I'm trying to apply this to my project, but I would like to make it only affect the background and tiles, if possible, not sprites. How would I change the code to accomplish this?

For the record, I have gotten it to work automatically, and with timers I've made it so it only shifts the hue a certain amount back and forth, it's just I don't know how to make it discriminate between sprites and background/tilesets. That's what I need help with.

Hi! Did you figure it out? I'm wondering the same thing too!


Nope. :/

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Hey! I did figure *something* out, so for me it affects just the Player - 

In the Player Create Event,  I put:
pos_uni = shader_get_uniform(sh_hue, "Position"); // control shader

// -1 - min, 1 - max
pos = 0; 

and then (still in the Player object) I have an enemy Collision Event, so when Player takes damage I have:

// Take damage
    pos = 2; //references Hue Shader

^ this alters the colour of the Player, but the whole colour (ie. white bits also change hue). I haven't had a play around to see if I can get it to only change certain parts of the sprite, but maybe this'll help!

What is it?

Not avaliable on Windows on itch? Why?

I think it fixed now.